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Arkansas Rice Research and Promotion Board


The Arkansas Rice Research and Promotion Board was created to plan and conduct a program of research, extension, market development, and advertising designed to promote the rice industry in Arkansas. The board consists of nine Arkansas rice producers appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the Senate. Four members must be designated representatives of the Arkansas rice merchant and milling industry. Members serve two-year terms.

Board activities are funded through an assessment of 1.35 cents per bushel paid by the buyer at the first point of sale on rice grown within the state or at the point the rice enters into the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) loan program. Producers also pay an assessment of 1.35 cents per bushel of rice grown. The assessments paid by buyers must be used for market development and promotion. The assessments paid by producers must be used for rice extension and research.

Learn more about the Arkansas Rice Research and Promotion Board here.

Board Members

Jay CokerStuttgart2024
Roger PohlnerFisher2024
John King IIIHelena2024
Joe ChristianJonesboro2024
Jim WhitakerMcGehee2025
Jeff RutledgeNewport2025
David GairhanJonesboro2025
Charles WilliamsCrawfordsville2025
Scott MatthewsWeiner2025

Administrator: Cynthia Edwards

2024-2025 Projects

New Projects

EntityProject TitleAwarded Amount
Arkansas State UniversityDeveloping an Arkansas Rice and Meat Bratwurst$13,980
University of ArkansasIncorporating Genetic Tolerance to Reduced Irrigation into the Arkansas Rice Breeding Program$50,000
University of ArkansasRevising the Prevalence and Stability of Host Resistance of Rice Blast Races in Arkansas$97,156
University of ArkansasIntegrating Host Resistance and Fungicides to Control Cercospora in Rice$48,000
University of ArkansasDeveloping Blast-Resistant, Water-Smart Rice Varieties Through Genomic Prediction and Marker-Assisted Selection$78,000
University of ArkansasImproving Grain Chalkiness and Grain Yield Traits of Elite Rice Through Targeted Mutagenesis$39,000
University of ArkansasValidation of In-Season Tissue Sampling for Rice Nutrient Management$55,664

Project Continuations

EntityProject TitleAwarded Amount
University of ArkansasNitrogen Management Tools for Arkansas Rice Producers$115,000
University of ArkansasRice Insect Management$135,000
University of ArkansasA Team Approach to Improved Weed Management in Rice$255,000
University of ArkansasNitrogen Recommendations for New Rice Cultivars$64,000
University of ArkansasDD50 Thermal Unit Thresholds and Seeding Date Effects for New Rice Cultivars$65,000
University of ArkansasAgronomic Production Practices for Rice$103,000
University of ArkansasEconomic Analysis of Arkansas Rice Farms$55,000
University of ArkansasRice Breeding and Pathology Tech Support$160,000
University of ArkansasBreeding and Development of Improved Long-Grain and Aromatic Rice Varieties$310,000
University of ArkansasArkansas Rice Variety Advancement Trials$102,000
University of ArkansasArkansas Rice Performance Trials$96,000
University of ArkansasBreeding Hybrid Rice Varieties for Arkansas and Southern U.S.$195,000
University of ArkansasDevelopment of Superior Medium-Grain and Long-Grain Rice Varieties in Arkansas and the Mid-South$315,000
University of ArkansasQuality Analysis for Rice Breeding and Genetics$118,202
University of ArkansasPuerto Rico Winter Nursery$73,500
University of ArkansasMonitoring and Management of Fungicide Resistance of Sheath Blight in Arkansas$35,500
University of ArkansasRice Research Verification Program$116,639
University of ArkansasStudy of Cultivar Attributes and Their Measurements to Improve Rice Milling and Functional Characteristics$61,000
University of ArkansasAnalysis of Farm Policy Programs and Competitiveness of Arkansas and U.S. Rice$20,000
University of ArkansasRice Enterprise Budgets and Production Economic Analysis$7,500
University of ArkansasClimate Smart 300 Bushel Row Rice on 12 Inches of Automated Irrigation$85,000
University of ArkansasRice Fertilization - Developing Novel Methods to Assess Nutrient Availability to Arkansas Rice$58,000

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