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Arkansas Soybean Promotion Board


The Arkansas Soybean Promotion Board was established to conduct plans, projects, or activities to strengthen the soybean industry’s position in the marketplace.  The board consists of nine soybean producers appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the Senate. Members serve two-year terms. The board’s activities are paid from an assessment of .25 percent of the market price of all soybeans grown within Arkansas. Assessments are collected by the first purchaser at the point of sale.

Learn more about the Arkansas Soybean Promotion Board here.

Board Members

Joe ThrashHouston2023
John FreemanDumas2023
Josh CuretonCash2023
West HigginbothomMarianna2024
Douglas HartzStuttgart2024
Rusty SmithDes Arc2024
Shannon DavisBono2024
Donald Moreton, Jr.Des Arc2025
Brad DoyleWeiner2025

Administrator: Scott Bray

2024-2025 Projects

New Promotion Projects

EntityProject TitleAwarded Amount
University of ArkansasUSDA Feed Kits$2,500
University of ArkansasLeadAR 40$5,000
Clean Fuels Alliance AmericaMarket Expansion Drive$20,000
Clean Fuels Alliance AmericaOriginal Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) Maintain and Secure Approvals for B20+$20,000
American Soybean Association2025 ASAAP Annual Membership$6,000
American Soybean Association2025 Awards Celebration Sponsorship$6,000
American Soybean Association2025 Economic Support and Analysis Sponsorship$5,000
American Soybean AssociationInnovation to Market (I2M) Work Group Annual Membership$7,500
American Soybean Association2025 SoyStats (Sponsorship)$600
American Soybean Association2025 Soybean Leadership Academy Sponsorship$6,000
American Soybean AssociationYoung Leader Two-Phase Training Program Tuition$9,200
The World Initiative for Soy in Human HealthThe Future of New U.S. Soy Export Sales - Developing & Emerging Markets$40,000
U.S. Soybean Export Council2024 USSEC Membership$10,000
U.S. Soybean Export CouncilUtilization of U.S. Soy in the Americas$15,000
Southwest Soybean CouncilSoy Promotional Items in the State$10,000
Grow for the GreenRecognizing Soybean Production Excellence by the Continuation of the "Grow for the Green" Yield Challenge Contests$201,900

Promotion Project Continuations

EntityProject TitleAwarded Amount
University of ArkansasArkansas Irrigation Yield Contest (Year 7)$10,000
University of ArkansasArkansas Future Ag Leaders Tour (Year 2/3)$5,000
University of ArkansasSoybean Science Challenge (Year 1/3)$78,585

New Research Projects

EntityProject TitleAwarded Amount
University of ArkansasDevelopment of a Turn Row Soybean Vegetative Health Analysis Using UAS Imagery for Production Decision Support$19,989
University of ArkansasDevelopment of Data Driven Recommendations for Variable Soybean Seeding Rate in Arkansas$81,876
University of ArkansasSite Specific Assessment of Soybean Response to In Field Variability Using Remote Sensing$75,000
University of ArkansasPhenotypic Assisted by Seed-Level Near-Infrared Information$51,117
University of ArkansasOvercoming Soybean Yield Plateau by Leveraging Physiology-Efficient and Yield-Formation Traits$83,620
University of ArkansasEconomics of Soil Health Practices for Soybeans in Arkansas$57,838
University of ArkansasScreening Arkansas Soybean Cultivars for Protein Quality as a Novel Food Preservative$50,049
MidSouth Soybean BoardScreening Soybean Germplasm and Breeding Soybeans for Flood Tolerance$58,480
MidSouth Soybean BoardDevelopment of Functional Ultra-High Stearic Acid Soybean$7,500
MidSouth Soybean BoardDevelopment of Climate-Smart High Yield Practices Associated with High-End Biological Treatments and Soybean Related Microbiome Resiliency$12,000
MidSouth Soybean BoardSpray Application of Double Stranded RNA for Simultaneous Management of Multiple Soybean Fungal and Insect Diseases$12,060
MidSouth Soybean BoardHow Do Cover Crops Impact Soil Water Dynamics and Soybean Production in Louisiana$5,965
MidSouth Soybean BoardWhole Soy Food Acceptability and Market Viability Study$7,654
MidSouth Soybean BoardSpatial and Temporal Variation of Soil Sampling Effect Phosphorus and Potassium Recommendations for Soybean$7,500
MidSouth Soybean BoardSouthern Root-Knot Nematode in MG4 Soybean$18,750
MidSouth Soybean BoardExploitation of Weed Species Extracts as an Effective and Environmentally Friendly Strategy to Control Insects and Deer in Soybeans$9,881
MidSouth Soybean BoardLadder (Large Agricultural Database that Drives Extension and Research)$13,907
MidSouth Soybean BoardEnhancing the Prospects of Sustainable Weed Management and System Productivity$8,350
MidSouth Soybean BoardScreening and Selection Non-Xtend Soybean Relay Intercropping in the Midsouth$16,250

Research Project Continuations

EntityProject TitleAwarded Amount
University of ArkansasDiscovery Farm (Year 3/3)$23,688
University of ArkansasUse of Gossypol to Inhibit Reproduction in Domestic Hogs as a Model for Feral Hog Control (Year 2/3)$30,000
University of ArkansasInvestigating Emerging Production Recommendations for Sustainable Soybean Production (Year 2/3)$221,278
University of ArkansasImproving Technology Transfer for Profitable and Sustainable Soybean Production (Year 2/3)$77,846
University of ArkansasScience for Success - Arkansas Support for National Soybean Research and Extension Program (Year 2/3)$117,488
University of ArkansasArkansas Soybean Performance Trials (Year 2/3)$40,270
University of ArkansasDevelopment of High-Yielding Soybean Cultivars with Broad Resilience to Stressors (Year 2/3)$191,118
University of ArkansasUtilization of Winter Nursery for Soybean Line Development Through Backcrossing (Year 2/3)$51,000
University of ArkansasFast-Tracking MG4 and Early MG5 Cultivars with Southern Root-Knot Nematode Resistance (Year 1/3)$50,584
University of ArkansasSoybean Germplasm Enhancement Using Genetic Diversity (Year 2/3)$187,679
University of ArkansasGenomic Prediction to Enhance the Efficiency of Soybean Breeding (Year 2/3)$102,087
University of ArkansasEconomic Analysis of Soybean Production and Marketing Practices (Year 2/3)$7,316
University of ArkansasSoybean Enterprise Budgets (Year 2/3)$10,000
University of ArkansasRefining Insect Thresholds in Arkansas Soybean (Year 3/3)$69,116
University of ArkansasImpact on Water Quality on Insects (Year 1/3)$20,001
University of ArkansasDeveloping Scouting, Threshold, and Management Practices for Stinkbug (Year 2/3)$49,102
University of ArkansasFertilization of Soybean (Year 2/3)$80,461
University of ArkansasInfluence of Cover Crops and Soil Health on Soybean (Year 2/3)$60,786
University of ArkansasField Based Determination of Chloride in Soybean (Year 2/3)$50,605
University of ArkansasMonitoring the Extent of Potassium Deficiency and Chloride Toxicity in Arkansas Soybean Fields (Year 2/3)$36,870
University of ArkansasIrrigation Water Management for Soybeans: Moving the Needle (Year 2/3)$205,620
University of ArkansasComprehensive Disease Screening of Soybean Varieties in Arkansas (Year 1/3)$131,863
University of ArkansasIntegrated Management of Nematodes in Arkansas (Year 2/3)$72,449
University of ArkansasMonitor and Management of Fungicide-Resistant Soybean Diseases in Arkansas (Year 3/3)$50,498
University of ArkansasDeveloping a Satellite-Based Field Scouting Tool (Year 2/3)$14,860
University of ArkansasDetermining the Value of Fungicide Application on Regional, Whole-Farm, Field Level, and Within-Field Scales (Year 2/3)$52,000
University of ArkansasDetermining Factors Associated with Poor Grain Quality (Year 3/3)$55,000
University of ArkansasUnderstanding Taproot Decline: A Soybean Disease of Increasing Importance in Arkansas (Year 2/3)$39,243
University of ArkansasThe Effects of the Inclusion of Soybean Oil in Beef Cow Diets on Reproductive and Calf Performance (Year 2/3)$48,940
University of ArkansasAssessment of Broiler Dietary Least Cost Protein Supply via Soybean Genotype Amino Acid Selection Improvements (Year 3/3)$53,686
University of ArkansasAn Innovative Approach to Generate Porous Soy Proteins with Enhanced Flavor to the Plant-Based Food Industry (Year 2/3)$43,955
University of ArkansasSoybean Research Verification Program (Year 2/3)$208,168
University of ArkansasA Team Approach to Weed Management in Soybean (Year 2/3)$260,807
University of ArkansasScreening for Soybean Tolerance to Metribuzin (Year 3/3)$16,226
University of ArkansasOptimization of Fungal Pathogens AF22 and AF24 as Bioherbicides for Palmer Amaranth (Pigweed) (Year 2/3)$40,000
Dean Robinson Seed Co.Sequestering Carbon in Soybean Production System (Year 2/3)$16,215

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