Arkansas Bureau of Standards Contact Information

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Division Director: Tom Pugh
Assistant Deputy Director: Tim Chesser

Petroleum Quality

Chemist Supervisor: Wilford Jones       Phone: 501-570-1151

Teresa Dillard 
Daniel Greene 
Fred Harris 
Ron Phillips 

State Mass and Volume Laboratory

Metrology Supervisor: Nikhil Soman       Phone: 501-570-1191    

Houston Naugher

Agriculture Program Coordinator: Randy Burns  

Weight or Measure Accuracy of Any Type

Weights and Measures Supervisor: Roger Frazier       Phone: 501-570-1155  

Tammy Beck
Lynn Bellott
Michelle Cooper
Stan Cottrell
Lowell French                
Gary King
Shelby Mross
Jack Newberry
Don Siefken
Richard Slater
Brian Terry
Tony Winsor
Larry Wornock

Service Agency Compliance, Large Scale, or High Capacity Meters

Special Testing Supervisor / Inspector: Tim Chesser       Phone: 501-570-1154    

Brad Avery
Tim Chesser
Gary Howard
Mike Jones

Office of Administration (Accounting and Personnel)

Administrative Specialist III: Sheila Carter       Phone: 501-570-1157  

Administrative Specialist II:
Stormie Winsor