Courier Service

Currently our courier service is provided by Xpress Courier Services, Inc.

Please contact Xpress Courier Services, Inc. at 1-877-677-4090 to arrange for pick-up service. If you have issues or concerns with the courier service, you may contact them directly at the same phone number or you may contact the laboratory at 501-907-2430 and we can assist you in resolving the matter.

Your cost is $6.00 per pick-up (not per sample) and you will be billed monthly by the Arkansas Livestock & Poultry Commission.

If samples must be kept frozen during shipment, please make arrangements with the courier ahead of time.

Facts about the Courier Service

  • The courier picks up samples between 8 am and 5:30 pm Monday through Friday.

    • Clients will need to make arrangements with the courier where to leave samples if they must be picked up after the clinic closes.

  • Samples picked up after NOON shall be delivered no later than 9:30 am the next state government working day.

  • All samples picked up before NOON within a 20 mile radius of ALPC shall be delivered no later than 2:30 pm the same day.

  • Clients may have to leave a message on the pick-up phone line, as this number is not always manned during business hours.

    • In the message-leave the clinic name, location, phone # and if you want a call back to confirm the message was received.

    • Per the courier, calls/messages must be left before NOON to be picked up same day in locations where pickup is after NOON. In an area where the pickup is before NOON, clients must let the courier know by 9 am.

  • The below courier service map is current as of March 2017.

    • The counties highlighted in PINK are NOT currently being serviced by the courier.

    • The counties highlighted in YELLOW are being serviced by Xpress Courier Service through subcontracted couriers in those areas.

    • Each county with courier service has an approximate pick-up time on the map below. Please understand the weather and traffic conditions can affect these times.

Courier Map