Department of Agriculture

Supporting Arkansas farmers and ranchers while ensuring safe food, fiber, and forest products for the citizens of Arkansas, the nation, and across the globe


In order to protect and serve Arkansas citizens and the agricultural and business sector, the Plant Industries Division provides unbiased enforcement of laws and regulations, ensuring quality products and services. Outlined below are recent enforcement actions carried out by the Plant Industries Division.

All listed actions have been approved by the Arkansas State Plant Board. Pending cases are not reflected.

Arkansas State Plant Board Approved Enforcement

Agricultural Pesticide Section

Enforcement Action2019202020212022
Warning Letters Issued119441726
Civil Penalties Assessed16168562
Civil Penalty Amount$220,850$62,612$6,425$104,275

Commercial Pest Control Program / Regulatory Services Section

Enforcement Action (a violation of "Federal Insecticide Fungicide and Rodenticide Act", "Arkansas Pest Control Law" A.C.A. 17-37-101, and "The Arkansas Plant Act" A.C.A. 2-16-203)2019202020212022
Warning Letters Issued8992
Civil Penalties Assessed3223
Civil Penalty Amount$27,700$2,300$2,300$4,700
Verified Compliance (verifies that discovered sub-standard pest control treatments are brought into compliance2019202020212022
1st Sub-standard Reports71444656
Inspection fees:$3,550$2,200$2,300$2,800
2nd Sub-standard Report18181523
Inspection fees:$1,800$1,800$1,500$2,300
3rd Sub-standard Report4529
Inspection fees:$2,000$2,500$1,000$4,500

Quality Control and Compliance Section

Feed Penalties Issued161106118139
Fertilizer Penalties Issued71829974
Total Monetary Fertilizer Penalties Assessed$11,337$7,949$12,429$25,378
Lime Penalties Issued125229
Total Monetary Lime Penalties Assessed$1,555$143$2,758$1,400
Seed Stop Sales Issued431743918
Hemp Compliance Samples Taken233133396
Grain Warehouse Audits Conducted8343118
Grain Dealer Audits Conducted2828412

Bureau of Standards

Weights and Measures
Violations Issued2212973151
Civil Penalty Assessed$8,400$63,950$29,000$67,550
Petroleum Quality
Violations Issued119949127
Civil Penalty Assessed$30,100$24,350$25,000$5,600