Frequently Asked Questions - Feed

Q: How do I register a feed?
We no longer require each feed to be registered individually. You need to acquire a feed facility license which covers all registrations for that calendar year.

Q: How much is the tonnage fee and when is it due?
A minimum inspection fee of $10.00 shall be paid on quarterly sales of 0 to 33.34 tons. Any amount above 33.34 tons requires a fee of $.30 per ton.

Q: When is the tonnage fee due?
  Tonnage reports and fees must be sent not later than 15 days after the last day of Jan., April, July and Oct. as evidenced by the postmark date.

Q: How much is the penalty for a late payment?
  For a late report the fee is fifteen percent (15%) or twenty-five dollars ($25.00) whichever is higher added to the amount due.