Annual License Fees
Seed Dealer/Labeler License
 (Seed Certification Permit is not
 needed if a Seed Dealers License
 has been obtained)


*$0.10 per 100 lb if sold under tonnage reporting system on all seed sold non-certified.

Seed Certification Permit
 (applicants for certification with 100 acres or less - only allowed to sell bagged and tagged certified seed)
Varietal Fee$20.00
Acreage Fee - Rice$2.25 per acre
Acreage fee - All other crops$1.50 per acre
Promotional Fee$0.10 per acre
Late Fee$50.00 per variety
Printed pressure-sensitive labels$0.10 each
Printed pressure-sensitive labels for approved reusable bulk containers$0.08 per 50 lbs.
Blank tags/labels (less than 5000)$0.10 each
Blank tags/labels (more than 5000)$0.05 each
Company-printed Blue Tag bags$0.08 each
Approved Reusable containers (such as Q-bit) $0.08 per 50 lbs.
Approved Reusable Superbag$0.08 per bushel
Bulk Wheat sold on Bulk Certificates$0.08 per bushel
Bulk Wheat Certificates (3-part forms)$0.08 per certificate
Extra Inpsections
Seed Treating Equipment$7.50 per trip (up to two hours, $10.00 each additional hour)
Seed Processing Plant$15.00 per trip (up to two hours, $10.00 each additional hour)
Isolation$25.00 per trip
1st Reinspectionone half of acreage fee
Laboratory Analysis
Complete Analysis
 (Purity & Germ for Soybeans, rice, wheat,oats, or cotton)
Germination Only (GO)$8.00
Purity Only (PO)$8.00
Varietal Purity (VP)$8.00
GO VP Red Rice$16.00
GO VP$16.00
Accelerated Aging$12.00
Tetrazolium Test$15.00
Varietal tests (Phenol, Hypocotyl, Coleoptile)$12.00
Roundup® Herbicide Tolerance Test$15.00
Priority Sample$25.00
Call/Fax Purity$1.00
Extra Copies$1.00