Frequently Asked Questions - Fertilizer

Q: What is the difference between a fertilizer registration and a fertilizer facility license?
A. A fertilizer registration is required of all manufacturers and manipulators (in or out of state) of fertilizer and/or fertilizer materials who want to sell or offer for sale in Arkansas.

 A fertilizer facility license is required for each fertilizer blending and/or bulk storage facility located in Arkansas.

Q: What are the requirements to register a fertilizer product?
  Completion of an application for registration of fertilizer including a $25.00 registration fee per brand. The name of any commerical fertilizer or fertilizer material is considered as a distinct and separate brand when different in any aspect other than the grade or common name.

Q: What is a specialty fertilizer?
  A specialty fertilizer is any fertilizer distributed primarily for non-farm use, such as home gardens, lawns, shrubs, flowers, golf courses, municipal parks, cemeteries, greenhouses and nurseries. It may include fertilizers used for research or experimental purposes.

Q: How much is the tonnage fee and when is it due?
  The tonnage must be reported each month by the 20th of the following month which is being reported. A tonnage fee of $2.40 per ton is required for each ton or fractional ton. Sixty-two cents ($1.78) is remitted to the University of Arkansas for research and maintaining the soil testing laboratory.

Q: What is the penalty for a late fee?
  The tonnage reports are to be filed on or before the 20th of each month (Example: A March report is due on April 20th). 

  • For a tonnage report received 1-14 days late, the reporting fee is increased by 10%. 
  • For a tonnage report received 15-30 days late, the reporting fee is increased by 20%. 
  • For a tonnage report received 31 days or more late, the fee is doubled.