Arkansas Forest Health

Arkansas’s forests are periodically affected by damaging pests. AFC aims to maintain healthy, productive forest ecosystems by preventing, detecting, and suppressing damaging insects and diseases across all land ownerships. It is our goal to inform the public of potential forest health concerns and to notify stakeholders when their forest resource may be under risk.  

The Arkansas Forestry Commission employs qualified personnel who provide technical assistance to landowners faced with insect and disease concerns. We encourage landowners and timberland managers who encounter forest health issues to contact your local forester or the forest health specialist in Little Rock.

Forest Health Specialist:
Chandler Barton
1 Natural Resources Drive
Little Rock, AR 72205
(501) 297-1581

Forest Health Highlights

Arkansas Invasive Pests

The following are links to information on invasive insects or diseases that may  cause problems in Arkansas’s forestland. As of 2014, emerald ash borer is the  only insect in this list that is established in Arkansas; however, the threat  from all of these issues exists. For the plants, Chinese tallowtree, kudzu, and  callery pear are found in the state, whereas cogongrass is considered to be at  high-risk of establishment.

See a summary of all Arkansas invasives via the:
Arkansas Invasive Insects, Plants, and Pathogens of Concern Pocket Guide

Remember! Don't Move  Firewood ...
Many of the invasive pests that threaten Arkansas’s forests  can be introduced and spread by the movement of wood. Since most invasive pests  do not move very far on their own annually, human involved movement can disperse  pests to new areas and cause outbreaks. AFC discourages the movement of firewood  over long distances and urges the public to burn wood near its source. Lean more  at the Don't Move  Firewood website at don'  

Invasive Insects and Diseases

Emerald Ash Borer
        National EAB Info Website
        University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension  Service 

Gypsy Moth
        USDA - APHIS Hungry Pests Page
        USDA- NISIC Species Profile

Asian Longhorned  Beetle
        USDA-APHIS Hungry Pests Page
        USDA - NISIC Species Profile

Laurel Wilt Disease /  Redbay Ambrosia Beetle
        USDA- NISIC Species Profile

European  Woodwasp
        USDA- NISIC Species Profile

Sudden Oak  Death
        USDA-APHIS Hungry Pests Page
        USDA - NISIC Species Profile

Thousand Cankers  Disease
        USDA-APHIS Hungry Pests Page
        USDA - NISIC Species Profile

Invasive Plants

A Field Guide for Invasive Plants in Southern Forests

USDA-NISIC Species Profile

Chinese Tallow Tree
USDA-NISIC Species Profile