Protecting Arkansas’s forests, and those who enjoy them, from wildland fire and natural hazards while promoting rural and urban forest health, stewardship, development, and conservation for all generations of Arkansans

Careers in Forestry

What do the forests mean to you? We know that forests, trees, their benefits, and products mean different things to different people and that our significant Southern forests are sustained by many passionate, committed foresters, firefighters, and landowners. Perhaps you might consider a career in forestry yourself or share these videos from Southern Group of State Foresters with someone who is interested in the many jobs in the forest industry in the Southern United States.

What Can You do with a Forestry Degree?

Nursery Management

Urban & Community Forestry

Fire Management

Forest Education


Emergency Coordination


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College of Forestry, Agriculture and Natural Resources

Bachelor of Science in Natural Resources Management options:


Wildlife Management & Conservation

Geospatial Science

Communications in Natural Resources

Environmental Science

U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics

Other degrees