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Maple Leaf Oak (Quercus acerfolia)

Maple Leaf Oak (Native)

Owner: Mt. Magazine State Park

Address: 16878 AR-309, Paris

County: Logan

Property: Public

Circumference: 36"

Crown width: 26'

Height: 32'

Bigness Index: 75

(Bigness Index = trunk circ. + height + 25% crown width)

Location: GPS (35.17110,-93.65260) Located along the north side of the Dripping Springs Trail, 575 feet west from the Brown Springs Picnic Area.   

In the case of private property, please contact the Newton County Forestry Division Crew to ensure viewing is permitted, and to schedule a showing.

Species Info:  Maple leaf oak is a rare species found only in Arkansas.  There is some disagreement about whether it should be considered a separate species or a variety of Shumard oak.  Maple leaf oak trees are only found in open, rocky woodlands at the tops of high-elevation ridges in four sites in Arkansas.