Arkansas Agriculture Department Services

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Abandoned Agricultural Pesticide Program 

Ag Consultants

Ag Pest Survey Program 

Apiary Section 

Arkansas Agriculture Board 

Aquaculture Program

Arkansas Century Farm Program

Arkansas Federal-State Inspection Program 

Arkansas Firewise Program 

Arkansas Food and Farm Magazine 

Arkansas Forestry Commission

Arkansas Forestry Commission Seedlings 

Arkansas Grown 

Arkansas Grown Magazine

Arkansas Livestock and Poultry Commission

Arkansas Made 

Arkansas State Plant Board

Arkansas Volunteer Premises ID System

ASPB Weather Network

Bacteriology and Mycology  

Baucum Nursery 

Best Management Practices, Water Quality

Biosecurity Standards for Poultry Farms

Biotechnology Regulatory Services 

Boll Weevil Eradication Program 

Brand Book

Bulk Wheat

Bulk Wheat Growers and Dealers

Bureau of Standards

Bureau of Standards Laws and Regulations

Burn Ban Map

Carcass Disposal Regulations

Catfish Processors

Cattle Programs

Century Farm Program

Certified Bait Program

Certified Seed Directory

Champion Trees

Clinical Pathology 

Commercial/Non-Commercial Pest Control 

Conservation Reserve Program 

Cotton Gin Clean Out Procedures

Cotton Seed Certification 

Dairy Stabilization Program 

Division of Feed and Fertilizer 

Egg Handler Permits

Egg and Poultry Inspection/Grading 

Egg Marketing Act 

Emerald Ash Borer

Endangered Species Protection 

Environmental Quality Incentives Program 

Equine Programs

Farmers Market Vendor Guide

Farm to School


Feed and Fertilizer Division

Feed and Fertilizer Forms

Feed and Fertilizer Laws and Regulations


Fire Ant Program

Firefighter Equipment and Training


Forest Data

Forest Health Program 

Forest Landowner Assistance

Forest Legacy 

Forestry Directories

Forest Stewardship Program 

Forest Inventory and Analysis (FIA) 

Fuel Quality 

Generic Pesticide Management Plan 

Ginseng Program

Grain Moisture Meter Laboratory

Grain Warehouses and Dealers

Ground Water Monitoring

Gypsy Moth

Homegrown by Heroes

Imported Fire Ant Quarantine 

International Marketing 

Law Enforcement  

Licenses and Registrations 


Livestock Inspection and Disease Control Program 

Metrology Lab 

National Poultry Improvement Plan (NPIP)

Noxious Weeds and Invasive Animal List 

Nursery Landscaping/Licensing Program

Organic Cost Share Reimbursement Program 

Package Standards Program 


Peanut Grading Services

Petroleum Lab

Pest Control Section 

Pesticide Applicator Certification and Recertification 

Pesticide Applicator Training 

Pesticide Dealers Licenses

Pesticide Division

Pesticide Forms

Pesticide Lab 

Pesticide Laws and Regulations

Pesticide Registration

Phytosanitary Certificates

Pink Bollworm Program

Plant Disease Programs

Plant Industry Division

Plant Inspection and Quarantine

Press Releases

Poison Springs State Forest

Posting of Real Property

Price Verification Program 

Produce Safety Program

Requirements to Sell Country Eggs

Rural Fire Protection Program 

Seed Arbitration

Seed Certification Program

Seed Division

Seed Lab 

Seed Licensing


School Garden of the Year Contest 

Slow Pay Hotline for Grain Sales

Smoke Management Guidelines


Specialty Crop Block Grant Program

Subpart E Inspections

State Petroleum Products Division

State Standards Laboratory 

Sweet Potato Weevil Certification Program

Trees of Arkansas Books


Tuberculosis Regulation

Urban and Community Forestry 

Veterinary Diagnostic Lab


Water Quality Management Program 

Weights and Measures Division 

Wildfire Danger

Wildfire Statistics

Wildlife Habitat Incentives Program

Worker Protection Standard