Arkansas Agriculture Department Law Enforcement & Emergency Response

In the case of a crime that has just occurred, contact your local law enforcement agency or call 911. Submit a complaint to AAD Law Enforcement, here, or call 501-225-1598.

Arkansas Agriculture Department (AAD) Law Enforcement officers investigate agricultural crimes that affect any part of Arkansas’s diverse agricultural industry, and enforce the laws and regulations of all agencies under the AAD including the Arkansas Forestry Commission, State Plant Board, and Livestock and Poultry Commission. Investigators work with state, local and county law enforcement, to investigate crimes and prosecute when necessary. Common investigations include wildfire arson, timber theft, livestock theft, agricultural and forestry equipment theft or vandalism, and enforcement of an array of AAD regulations.

The AAD Chief of Law Enforcement also coordinates the emergency response functions of agencies within the AAD. According to the State Emergency Operations Center (SEOC), managed by the Arkansas Department of Emergency Management, the AAD is responsible for the following Emergency Support Functions (ESF): ESF #4 - firefighting, and ESF # 11 - Agriculture and Natural Resources. The AAD Chief of Law Enforcement ensures that communications, announcements and training, and general questions or concerns from the SEOC are distributed to appropriate leadership at the AAD, so that emergency functions of the AAD are handled with immediacy, efficiency, and accuracy. 

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