Overview of Arkansas Crops

Arkansas Rice

Arkansas ranks 1st in rice production. More than 1.6 million acres are harvested annually in over 40 counties.

Learn more from the Arkansas Rice Federation, UAEX, Arkansas Agriculture Council and Arkansas Farm Bureau

Arkansas Cotton and Cottonseed

Arkansas produces 1.1 million pounds of cotton bales, and 371,000 tons of cottonseed. Arkansas is ranked 4th in the nation for the production of cotton and cottonseed.

Learn more from The Cotton Board, Arkansas Agriculture Council, UAEX and Arkansas Farm Bureau

Arkansas Soybeans

Arkansas harvests 3.5 million acres of soybeans annually, and is ranked 11th in the nation for soybean production.

Learn more from the Arkansas Soybean Promotion Board, Arkansas Soybean Association, UAEX, Arkansas Agriculture Council, and Arkansas Farm Bureau

Arkansas Wheat

Arkansas harvests 125,000 acres of wheat and winter wheat annually.

Learn more from the Arkansas Wheat Promotion Board, UAEX, and Arkansas Farm Bureau

Arkansas Corn

Arkansas harvests 597,000 acres of corn annually, 595,00 acres for grain and 2,000 for silage (animal feed). Arkansas ranks 20th in the nation in the production of corn for grain.

Learn more from the Arkansas Corn and Grain Sorghum Board, UAEX, and Arkansas Farm Bureau

Arkansas Sorghum

Arkansas harvests 8,000 acres of sorghum annually, 7,000 acres for grain and 1,000 for silage (animal feed). 

Learn more from the Arkansas Corn and Grain Sorghum Board, UAEX, and Arkansas Farm Bureau


Arkansas harvests 29,000 acres of peanuts annually.

Learn more from the American Peanut Council, and UAEX

Arkansas Horticulture and Specialty Crops

USDA/NASS 2017 State Agriculture Overview for

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