Peanut Grading Services Program

Under a cooperative agreement with the USDA, this section is responsible for providing inspections of fresh fruit and vegetables for the purpose of certifying their quality, condition and quantity as authorized by the Agricultural Marketing Act of 1946. Quality - referring to the inherent properties of a product which determines its relative degree of excellence. Condition - referring to the relative degree of soundness or preservation of a product and includes but is not necessarily limited to, its firmness or stages of ripeness, decay, freezing, shriveling, flabbiness or any other progressive factor which effects the products marketability. Quantity - meaning the number or weight. 

This section is responsible for providing grading services of Farmers Stock Peanuts at two locations called buying points in the state. Five full time employees and nine extra help employees were licensed by AMS/USDA to grade the peanuts in FY 2016-2017 in Arkansas, aided by eleven support staff members. Most recently, there were 2,079 certificates issued and 50,897 tons of stock peanuts graded in Arkansas.