Plant Industries

Serving the citizens of Arkansas and the agricultural and business communities by providing information and unbiased enforcement of laws and regulations set by the Arkansas State Plant Board

Quality Control and Compliance (Feed, Fertilizer, Hemp, Seed)

The Quality Control and Compliance (QCC) section has a total manning of 11 personnel responsible for the following major Programs:  Feed, Fertilizer, Regulatory Seed, Grain Warehouse, Agricultural Consultants, Catfish Producers and, Industrial Hemp.   

The QCC section ensures compliance with the following Laws:  Fertilizer Law, Arkansas Feed Law, Agricultural Liming Materials Act, Soil Amendment Act, Agricultural Consultants Licensing Act, 100% Natural Organic Fertilizer Act, the Aflatoxin Act, Seed Law, Public Grain Warehouse Law, Arkansas Grain Dealer Law, Arkansas Grain Grader Law, Arkansas Catfish Producers Fair Practices Law and the Industrial Hemp Act.  

Points of Contact: 

Quality Control and Compliance Division Manager
Mike Stage 
Desk Phone:  501-219-6338
Cell Phone:  501-351-5335 



Agricultural Consultants:          

Fertilizer, Soil Amendment:

Industrial Hemp:

Caleb Allen, Industrial Hemp Program Manager
Desk Phone:  501-219-6375

Grain Warehouse, Grain Dealers, Grain Graders, Catfish Producers:

Josh Dement, Grain Warehouse Program Coordinator
Cell Phone:  501-658-4908
Slow Pay Hotline:  501-219-6308

Regulatory Seed Program, GMO Rice Testing:

Meredith Martinez, Regulatory Seed Program Manager
Desk Phone:  501-219-6343