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Phytosanitary Export Certificates

There are two types of phytosanitary certificates, State and Federal. These documents are needed when shipping agricultural commodities out of our state.

State Phytosanitary Certificate 

  •  This certificate is needed when shipping to certain states within the US and also for agricultural commodities being sent out of the US which do not qualify for the federal phytosanitary requirements. 

Federal Phytosanitary Certificate 

  •  This is a document which may be needed to accompany agricultural shipments abroad. It verifies to foreign authorities that an official inspection of the commodities has been made and it addresses specific concerns of the importing country.
  • The Exporter will need to set up an account to submit an application for the Federal Phytosanitary Certificate.
  • All applications are processed online at through APHIS. If you have any problems setting up a new account, please refer to this guide: Accessing PCIT for the First Time

The type of basic information needed for either certificates can be organized by using the following sample  Sample Application Form (Used only as an informative example).