Private Pesticide Applicator License

The following sections explain the steps required to obtain and maintain a Private Pesticide Applicator License.

Step 1

You must be Certified i.e. trained, by attending a Private Pesticide Applicator Training session (also known as Certification or Re-certification sessions) conducted only by County Extension Agents. These sessions are normally conducted in the fall and winter each year.  Contact your County Extension Office for more information on these meetings or visit the UAEX website.

Step 2

Attend the full 3-4 hour training session.

Complete the half-page triplicate form (proof of Certification) provided by the County Extension Agent.  Once the form is completed and signed by the County Extension Agent, remove the back copy for your records and the County Extension Agent keeps the other two copies.  The County Extension Office will send one copy of the form to the Arkansas State Plant Board (ASPB).

Obtain a current Application for a License (Form DP-25) from the County Extension Office, call the Plant Board to have one sent to you, or you may print one from the Plant Board website.  Complete and submit to the Plant Board with the appropriate fee.

The Plant Board will then process your application for a license.  Note: Applications must be filled out completely.  Failure to include the required information will result in license issuance delays.  The license, once issued, will expire on the last day of the month one (1) or five (5) years from issuance date.

Step 3

Keep your certification and license current.  Remember that certification refers to the required training sessions conducted by the Cooperative Extension Service.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requires that private applicators must be retrained at least every five (5) years.

Your license has a "Recertification Training Required by:" date on the front.  You must attend a Private Pesticide Applicator Training session by this date to ensure that you receive your license for the following year.

The Plant Board and many County Extension Offices usually send reminders to those individuals who will need to be recertified in a given year.

To keep your license current you must fill out an Application for License form each year and send it plus the appropriate fees to the Plant Board.  The Plant Board sends applications to all current applicators each year or the end of the five year cycle in October or November.

If you are a licensed restricted-use pesticide dealer and do not have a log-on and desire one, contact the Plant Board and ask for the Assistant Director in charge of product registration.