Does your community have an urban forestry plan in place for the aftermath of a storm?

Following the damage oftentimes left behind by natural disasters, communities need a quick-reference plan in place for responding to urban tree damage. The Community Forest Storm Mitigation Workbook and Plan Template provide guidelines for creating a quick-reference resource before an emergency takes place - just for your urban trees. 

How will these resources help? Has your community considered ... Which officials will you call for unique storm events (i.e. ice, wildfire, droughts, flooding, etc.)? Who will you call when trees are damaged? Who are your local foresters? Do you have a local mitigation team in place? Do you have local volunteers to help? Who are certified arborists? Questions like these and many more are compiled for you in this template, prompting you to seek out contact information, and prepare ahead of a natural disaster event. 

The completion of this planning guide is beneficial as a preparedness exercise. Gaps in information become apparent as individuals work through the template guidelines and can be addressed during a calm, organized planning session.  AFC Urban Forestry Officials highly recommend that communities take the time to complete this planning process before storm and/or emergency events happen so that information, references, and resources listed here are quickly accessible and reachable when seconds count.