Sweet Potato Weevil Certification Program

The Arkansas State Plant Board conducts the Sweet Potato Weevil Green Tag Certification Program. This program is for all growers who will be shipping sweet potatoes across state lines. If you plan on shipping sweet potatoes across state lines you will need to complete the Application for Green Tag Certification and send it and the fee associated with it to the Arkansas State Plant Board. The current fee is $10/acre.

All growers that are new to the program, or did not participate in the program the previous year will be considered “B” growers, and must have their applications sent in by May 15th of each year. (This deadline is due to the fact that more extensive trapping must be completed on “B” growers.)

All growers that were in the program the previous year are considered “A” growers and must have their application in by June 15th of each year. (This is to allow the Arkansas State Plant Board adequate time to plan trapping schedules and order the appropriate amount of supplies.)