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County Fair

For questions regarding this process, please contact Patrick Fisk
at or (501) 823-1703.

Process for Annual Premium and Construction Fund Payments to County Fairs

The County Fair Association must submit the Paid Admission Assessment no later than 90 days after the last day of the fair. 

Remittance is required to prevent loss of annual premium and construction funds. 

If the fair does not charge admissions please email Patrick Fisk, the name of the fair, address, phone number, no charges admissions, and the name of the fair manager.

Please review the Audit Checklist and have supporting documents organized and available for the inspector to review.

The County Fair Association must complete the following before an audit takes place:

1. County Fair Contact Form

2. Application for Annual Premiums, 22 questions

3. Signatures of County Fair Association Members

4. County Audit Form

5. Get Surety Bond

6. A check register for both annual premium and construction funds. Printouts maybe substituted for the check register as long as the certification page of the check register form is completed and attached to the printout. Also have outstanding voided checks on the register or printout and make notations as to provide a complete audit trail.

Please contact a Livestock and Poultry Commission supervisor to schedule a date for the audit. An inspector from the Livestock and Poultry Commission will conduct the audit and take the application and supporting documents the Arkansas Department of Agriculture (Department) Office.

The Department will calculate the points and determine the payment to each fair.

Definitions and Allowable Classifications

Disbursement of State Funds for Fairs and Livestock Shows

Map and contact information for Livestock and Poultry Commission supervisors

The State Fair Arts and Crafts Report is available here.

The State Fair Exhibit Report is available here.

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