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Arkansas Voluntary Smoke Management Guidelines

Agriculture industries and landowners across Arkansas use prescribed fire as a management tool for a variety of benefits to forests, grassland, and cropland. Forest landowners and forest industry agencies use prescribed fire to provide enhanced wildlife habitat, improved wildfire safety, site preparation for new seedling growth, and more. Row crop farmers use prescribed fire to eliminate pests and diseases, to help manage problematic crop residue, to remove organic refuse and prepare for replanting, and more. Prescribed fire is one of the most effective, and economical management tools for forests, grassland, and cropland.

Voluntary Smoke Management Guidelines Outreach Toolkit Click Here

Report Prescribed Burns to the Arkansas Department of Agriculture Dispatch Center: 1-800-830-8015

Voluntary Smoke Management Guidelines for forest landowners and prescribed fire technicians, and for row crop farmers, have been developed to provide guidance for safe, efficient prescribed burning that causes as little inconvenience to the public as possible. Recommended weather conditions to keep smoke away from populated areas, and general safety tips are provided for all Arkansans who use prescribed fire as a management tool. Prescribed fires reported to the Arkansas Department of Agriculture Dispatch Center are listed to keep residents in nearby areas informed about possible smoke in the area, for a short period.

Prescribed Fire Fact Sheets

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