Water Well Construction Commission

Protecting the general health, safety, and welfare of Arkansans by regulating water well construction and pump installation

Why should I hire a licensed contractor?

Failure to use safe methods can result in contamination of groundwater sources from gasoline, oil, road salts, and chemicals, bacteria from septic-tank effluent, or barnyard waste. Drinking contaminated water can cause diseases such as hepatitis or dysentery. Poisoning of both humans and wildlife is another effect of groundwater contamination.

Regulating the water well construction industry safeguards aquifers and other drinking water sources by making sure that water well constructors are familiar with safe construction methods.

Requiring an Arkansas Contractor License protects Arkansas consumers because the holder of such a license is responsible for maintaining a $20,000 bond. When the contractor obtains the bond, he promises that his business will uphold the AWWCC’s rules and standards of well construction and pump installation. Customers of the contractor, who are injured by the failure of the contractor or his or her employees to comply with AWWCC rules, can demand payment from the bond company in the event the customer suffers damage due to the failure to adhere to AWWCC rules.

A contractor is also responsible for making sure any person employed by him or her who drills wells or installs pumps holds a Certificate of Registration and attains continuing education.

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