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2022 Blood Tester School Information

The NPIP Division licenses individuals to blood test birds for Pullorum-Typhoid (P-T) Disease caused by Salmonella Pullorum and Salmonella Gallinarum.  NPIP offers two types of in-person Blood Tester Schools: Commercial and Private.  These schools are scheduled to take place in the Spring of each year.  The Commercial Blood Testing Schools are for employees of poultry companies to enable them to blood test commercial flocks for NPIP programs.  The Private Blood Testing Schools are for individuals wanting to do testing for county fairs, shows, flea markets, sales, etc.  In addition, this licensing allows private testers to test their own birds, as well as other individuals’ birds.  Private testers are authorized to issue 90-Day certificates for the tested birds.

All Blood Testing Schools have been completed for 2022.  Schools for 2023 will be announced at a later date

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For a list of CERTIFIED PRIVATE TESTERS by county in Arkansas, see 2202 Private Tester List.

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