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Subpart E Flock Certification

Subpart E (Flock Certification) - Waterfowl, Exhibition Poultry, and Game Bird Breeding Flocks

The National Poultry Improvement Plan (NPIP) Subpart E Program refers to our backyard flock certification. A state inspector will examine your premises and test your poultry to renew your certification annually. Please review the recommended documents for Subpart E participants below.

General Participation

Any person may participate in the plan when they have demonstrated, to the satisfaction of Arkansas Livestock & Poultry Commission (ALPC), that the facilities and practices are adequate for carrying out the provisions of the plan and has signed an agreement with ALPC to comply with the general and the applicable specific provisions of the plan and any regulations of ALPC.

 Each participant shall comply with the plan throughout the operating year - full 12 months.

  • Participating flocks receive a U.S. Pullorum-Typhoid Clean status, covering the following 12 months. This certificate is recognized throughout the United States and the world as meeting entry requirements regarding Salmonella pullorum.
  • An annual directory is published and distributed nationwide, listing all participants and the breeds on record. 

For more information, check the NPIP Guidelines for Certification for Independent Flocks and Hatcheries.

 If you would like to become an NPIP Subpart E participant, please complete the online form.

Fee Schedule for Backyard Certification: 

 Inspection $30.00
 Testing, per bird $0.15
 Banding, per bird $0.15
 Incubator//Hatcher Swabs- :
        1-4 swabs
        5-8 swabs

 Additional $7.00
 Additional swabs-$7 per set of 4

Recommended Documents for Subpart E Participation

For your Subpart E inspection, you will need a completed breed code sheet, which may require using the breed code list provided by the U.S. Poultry and Egg Association. Other documents are available for reference if desired.