Natural Resources

Efficiently and responsibly managing and protecting our water and land resources for the sustainability, health, safety, and economic benefit of the State of Arkansas

State Revolving Fund Document Guidance

What has changed:

Reports and Documents

These following items are eligible for reimbursement but are no longer required.

  • Project Performance Workplan
  • Sewer Use Ordinance
  • Infiltration/Inflow and Sanitary Sewer Evaluation Survey (I & I and SSES) 

While no longer required, the Borrower may choose to incorporate these items into their project.

Historically, the Division required a Facility Plan including public participation.  A Facility Plan is no longer required.  While no longer required, the Division may request additional information, as needed, to support approval of a project. 

What has not changed:

The Division will still need to review any Engineering Agreement between the Borrower and the Consultant.  A copy of a sample agreement is available from the Division.  Plans and Specifications and Contract Documents must be submitted and reviewed by the Division.  Plans and Specifications must also be reviewed and approved by the Arkansas Department of Health.  Sample contract documents with required language can be provided for use with the project.  A Clearsite Certificate must also be received prior to bid advertisement.

If you have further questions, please contact:
Matthew J. Brooks, P.E.
Engineer Supervisor, Water Resources Section
(501) 682-3934