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Arkansas River

Arkansas-Oklahoma Arkansas River Compact Commission

This compact provides for an equitable apportionment of the water of the Arkansas River between the States of Arkansas and Oklahoma, provides an entity for the administration of the water apportionment agreed to by the states concerned, describes which state may use specific waters, and promotes the orderly development of the river.  (Ark. Code Ann. § 15-23-401 et seq.) Member states include both Arkansas and Oklahoma.  The compact also encourages the maintenance of an active pollution abatement program in each of the two states and furthers the reduction of both natural and man-made pollution in the waters of the Arkansas River Basin. In addition, the compact facilitates cooperation between the water administration agencies of Arkansas and Oklahoma in the total development and management of water resources of the Arkansas River Basin.

You can read the compact by going to this free, publicly accessible version of the Arkansas Code and  and searching for  "Arkansas River Basin Compact."