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Seed Arbitration Process


  1. Grower should call the Arkansas Department of Agriculture's (Department) Seed Section (501-225-1598) for arbitration forms, or select links to the forms located at the bottom of this page, which includes the Written Notice of IntentArbitration Request, and the Arbitration Law.
  2. Grower files a written notice of intent to seek arbitration within reasonable time after the alleged defect or violation becomes apparent, to permit inspection of the crops or plants during the growing season.
  3. Plant Board Director (Plant Industries Division Manager) sets meeting between grower & labeler for purpose of resolving dispute
  4. After this meeting, if not resolved, the Arbitration Request Form is officially filed. Remember to: 
    1. Attach copy of label from seed
    2. Attach copy of invoice showing lot number, location where purchased and amount purchased
    3. Attach filing fee 
    4. Determine if the Arbitration will be Binding
  5. Grower must send a copy of arbitration request to the Seed Labeler by United States registered mail.
  6. Labeler (within 10 days after receipt of complaint) must file his answer to the complaint with the Director of the Arkansas State Plant Board.
  7. The Plant Board Director will refer the request for arbitration to the Seed Arbitration Committee.


  1. The Department will send an inspector to make an initial investigation as soon as possible after receiving the request for arbitration.
  2. The Arbitration Committee Is Authorized:
    1. to examine the buyer on his use of the seed (production data)
    2. to examine the labeler / dealer on his packaging, labeling and selling operation of the seed (lot history)
    3. to grow a representative sample of the seed under the supervision of the plant board director
    4. to hold informal hearings
    5. to seek evaluations from authorities in allied disciplines
    6. to direct individual members of the committee to make investigations and report their findings in writing to the committee


  1. The Arbitration Committee reports the findings and recommendations to the buyer & labeler or dealer by registered mail.
  2. The consumer & seedsman give written notice to the acceptance or rejection of the committee’s recommended terms of settlement within 30 days from issuance.


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