Plant Industries

Serving the citizens of Arkansas and the agricultural and business communities by providing information and unbiased enforcement of laws and regulations set by the Arkansas State Plant Board


Annual License Fees

Seed Dealer/Labeler License  
(Seed Certification Permit is not needed if a Seed Dealers License has been obtained)

*$0.10 per 100 lb if sold under tonnage reporting system on all seed sold non-certified.
Seed Certification Permit
(applicants for certification with 100 acres or less - only allowed to sell bagged and tagged certified seed)


Varietal Fee$20.00
Acreage Fee - Rice$2.25 per acre
Acreage fee - All other crops$1.50 per acre
Promotional Fee$0.10 per acre
Late Fee$50.00 per variety


Printed pressure-sensitive labels$0.10 each
Printed pressure-sensitive labels for approved reusable bulk containers$0.08 per 50 lbs.
Blank tags/labels (less than 5000)$0.10 each
Blank tags/labels (more than 5000)$0.05 each
Company-printed Blue Tag bags$0.08 each
Approved Reusable containers (such as Q-bit) $0.08 per 50 lbs.
Approved Reusable Superbag$0.08 per bushel
Bulk Wheat sold on Bulk Certificates$0.08 per bushel
Bulk Wheat Certificates (3-part forms)$0.08 per certificate

Extra Inspections

Seed Treating Equipment$7.50 per trip (up to two hours, $10.00 each additional hour)
Seed Processing Plant$15.00 per trip (up to two hours, $10.00 each additional hour)
Isolation$25.00 per trip
1st Re-inspectionone half of acreage fee

Laboratory Analysis

Complete Analysis
 (Purity & Germ for Soybeans, rice, wheat, oats, or cotton)
Germination Only (GO)$8.00
Purity Only (PO)$8.00
Varietal Purity (VP)$8.00
GO VP Red Rice$16.00
GO VP$16.00
Accelerated Aging$12.00
Tetrazolium Test$15.00
Varietal tests (Phenol, Hypocotyl, Coleoptile)$12.00
Roundup® Herbicide Tolerance Test$15.00
Priority Sample$25.00
Call/Fax Purity$1.00
Extra Copies$1.00