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Dealer License

The Arkansas State Plant Board (ASPB) Pesticide Regulations require any person who distributes products classified as Class E, F, or H or restricted-use pesticides to obtain a pesticide dealer’s license prior to offering for sale, selling, or distributing pesticides within the State of Arkansas.


Each pesticide dealer as defined in the Arkansas Pesticide Use And Application Act must obtain a Pesticide Dealer’s License from the State Plant Board before selling, distributing, or offering for sale any restricted-use (including Classification E, F, or H) pesticide.

Dealers may obtain a license by submitting a completed form DP-23 Restricted Use Pesticide Dealer's License and the required $65.00 license fee.

Dealers with multiple locations within the State of Arkansas must complete a separate application for each location which distributes pesticides.

Out of state dealers may obtain a single license for their principal location which distributes pesticides into the State of Arkansas. Out of state dealers must complete a Power of Attorney form designating a resident agent for services of process.

Record-keeping Requirements

All records of sale or distribution of Category E, F, or H or restricted-use pesticides must be maintained by the dealer for a period of two years from the date of sale. Record keeping forms may be obtained from the ASPB office or print the form DP-37 Dealer's Record of Purchase of Restricted Use Pesticides from the ASPB website.

Bulk Pesticide License

The Arkansas Pesticide Control Act, Act 410 of 1975, Section 2-16-411 (a)(1)(C) (second sentence) states “The State Plant Board may designate that certain specified economic poisons may be sold by the manufacturers or dealers in bulk, in which case the label information required any other statements required by this subchapter must be stated in or attached to the invoice. In addition, a copy of the invoice must be given to the purchaser at the time the economic poison is delivered.”

If any pesticide dealer wishes to dispense bulk pesticides they must complete form DP-42 Application for Permission to Deliver Bulk Pesticides to a Dealer's Facility and Permission for the Dealer to Dispense Bulk Pesticides. This application must then be signed by the dealer and a representative of the manufacturer registering the pesticide. Listed on this application are requirements that the dealer and manufacturer agree to abide by if granted a license.

Bulk Permits only apply to dealers who distribute or repackage pesticides from a single bulk container into numerous smaller containers.

There is no fee for a Bulk Dealer’s Permit.

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