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Disaster Assistance

Information & Resources

There are several programs to assist Arkansas farmers and ranchers in recovering from the recent flooding of the Arkansas River.  Links to the resources, facts about the programs, and state regulations regarding the disposal of livestock and poultry carcasses can be found on this page.

Assistance through the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)

The best place to start learning about USDA programs and to determine your eligibility is Disaster Assistance Discovery Tool.

It is important to report your losses to your local USDA Service Center as soon as possible. Location and contact information for USDA Service Centers in Arkansas can be found here

Below are additional links to USDA resources:

Farm Service Agency Disaster Assistance Programs at a Glance 

Reference Guide - USDA Disaster Resources for Farmers, Ranchers and Communities

Disaster Resource Center

Fact Sheet: USDA Programs that Assist Individuals and Small Businesses Disaster Assistance Discovery Tool Disasters & Emergencies

Emergency Watershed Protection Program

Disaster Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (D-SNAP)

Food Safety During a Disaster

State Regulations Regarding Animal Carcass Disposal

Disposal of livestock and poultry carcasses - The Arkansas Department of Agriculture's (Department) Livestock and Poultry Commission requires that animal carcasses be disposed of in approved methods to prevent disease transmission and to protect air and water quality.

Carcass disposal, large animal
Carcass disposal, poultry  -  A permit will be required for catastrophic loss

For more explanation on approved methods or how to carry out a specific method, follow the links to the rules or call the Department's Livestock and Poultry Commission staff at 501-225-1598 and ask to speak to someone regarding carcass disposal.

Federal Emergency Management Administration Resources

Arkansas Severe Storms And Flooding (DR-4441) (To Report a Loss by Individuals or Business Owners for FEMA Assistance)

FEMA Smartphone App

Small Business Administration Disaster Relief

Other Resources

Arkansas Department of Health - Floodwater Safety

U of A Division of Agriculture Cooperative Extension Service - Stress Management


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