Natural Resources

Efficiently and responsibly managing and protecting our water and land resources for the sustainability, health, safety, and economic benefit of the State of Arkansas

Employee Directory

Natural Resources Division Organizational Chart

Administrative Section

Chris Colclasure
501 682-3961
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Christina Raatz
Administrative Analyst
(501) 682-3986
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Deputy Director
501 682-3962
Chris Kelley
GIS Analyst
501 682-3976
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Robert Claxton
Computer Support Coordinator
501 682-4963
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Gaylon Stanfield
Computer Support Specialist
501 682-3988
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Katie Mann
Ecologist Coordinator
501 682-3979
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Conservation Section

Megan Perkins
Conservation Program Coordinator
501 682- 3968
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Jack Clark
Land Resource Specialist
479 871-6135
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Tim Hockenberry
Land Resource Specialist
479 871-6136
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Monica Hancock
Environmental Program Coordinator
479 250-7444
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Bob Fowler
Environmental Program Coordinator
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Mary Elizabeth Lea
Agricultural Program Manager
(501) 682-3953
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Nick Richardson
Environmental Program Coordinator
501 231-0458
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Land Resource Specialist
501 804-2135

Water Resources Development Section

Debby Dickson
Water Development Section Manager
501 682-0548
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Jessica Jones
Program Coordinator
501 682-3905
Email: Jessica Jones
Matthew J. Brooks, P.E.
Engineer Supervisor
501 682-3934
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501 682-3974
Randolph Polk
501 682-3973
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Shelly Ballard
Rural Const Grant/Financial Officer
501 682-3925
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Dewania Coleman-Jones
Program Fiscal Manager
501 682-3926
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Millee Craven
Project Administrator
501 682-0552
Email Mildred Craven
Keith Sanders
Program Coordinator
501 682-0554
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Rural Const Grant/Financial Officer
501 682-3086
Rural Const Grant/Financial Officer
501 682-3978
Melvin Fisher
Rural Const Grant/Financial Officer
501 682-6948
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Rural Const Grant/Financial Officer
501 682-0555
Zach Smith
Rural Const Grant/Financial Officer
501 682-0545
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Josh Burns
501 682-3916
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Emily Richards Tarvin
Administrative Assistant III
501 683-0109
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Chris James
SRF Accounting Program Coordinator
501 682-3921
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Leah Johannes
Program Fiscal Manager
501 682-0549
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Bob Hunt
Finance Program Coordinator
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501 682-3949

Amy Theriac  
Program Outreach Coordinator
501 682-0547
Email: Amy Theriac

Water Resources Management Section

Water Resources Division Manager
501 682-3962

WMD - Dam Safety/Floodplain Section

Whit Montague, PE, CFM
Engineer Supervisor
501 682-3969
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Toni Brown
Training Coordinator
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Benjamin Hunter
501 682-5219
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Mike Harris
Flood Mitigation Assistance Coordinator
501 682-3907
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Chris Rice
Grants Analyst
501 683-1994
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Shawn Jackson
State NFIP Coordinator
501 682-3959
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Erin Miller
Floodplain Compliance Coordinator
501 682-3958
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Debby Davis
Administrative Assistant
501 682-3830
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WMD - Groundwater Protection/Management Section

Blake Forrest
Geology Supervisor
501 682-3904
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Jacob Harvey
Construction Inspector
501 682-3937
Email Jacob Harvey
Jackie Broach
Administrative Analyst
501 682-3900
Email Jackie Broach
Christy Steward
Environmental Program Coordinator
501 682-1697
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Myles Morton
Engineer Technician
501 682-3924
Email Miles Morton
Corbin Cannon
Professional Geologist
501 682-3983
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Hayleigh Varnell
501 682-3966
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WMD - Nonpoint Source Pollution Management Section

Tate Wentz
Water Quality Section Manager
501 682-3914
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Allen Brown
Environmental Program Coordinator
501 682-3902
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Jennifer Williams
Cost Share Program Coordinator
501 682-3956
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Kevin McGaughey
Program Coordinator
501 682-3908
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Sarah Weems
Agri Program Specialist
501 682-3917
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Sue Filat-Alami
Riparian Tax Credit Coordinator
501 682-3909
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Administrative Specialist III
501 682-3985

WMD - State Water Planning Section

Jay Whisker, PE, CFM
Engineer Supervisor
501 682-3980
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Josh Burns
State Water Compliance Engineer
501 682-3916
Email Josh Burns
Program Coordinator
Darla Brooks
Audit Coordinator
501 682-3977
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