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Frequently Asked Questions - Ag Consultants

Q: What must I do to get an agricultural consultant’s license?
A:  You must meet the following minimum qualifications.

  1. Have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in a crop-related field approved by the Arkansas State Plant Board and two years experience working in the field of crop management. 
  2. Have seven years of continuous experience working for a licensed agricultural consultant. 

If you meet one of the above requirements, you must also take and pass the Agricultural Consultant’s Licensing Test administered by the Plant Industries Division or pass the test offered by the Certified Crop Advisors (CCA).    Alternatively, be licensed if you are a current Arkansas Certified Crop Advisor (CCA), or a current National Alliance of Independent Crop Consultants (NAICC). 

Q: How can I take the Arkansas Agricultural Consultant’s Test?
A: Fill out Form 1087, Pre-Application To Take the Arkansas Agricultural Consultant’s Test, found in the forms section of the web page.  Follow the form instructions for submission.  You must also submit official college transcripts and a notarized history of work experience with your application.  The test is offered at the Plant Industries Division.  Call 501-225-1598 and ask for the Agricultural Consultants Program to make arrangements.  You may take the test in person for free, or the test is also offered online for a $15.00 convenience fee.

Q:  Where can I find study material to prepare for the test?
A:  The following material offered through the University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture and other sources may assist in preparing to take the Arkansas Agricultural Consultants Test.  In addition, your local Cooperative Extension Office may have additional resources.

Soil Fertility Manual:




2023 Rice Management Guide


Q: Do I need any continuing education hours before I can get my license renewed?
 After two full years as a licensed Arkansas Agricultural Consultant, you must accrue 40 hours of Continuing Educational Units (CEU) every two years, 20 of these CEUs must be taken in Arkansas.   

Q:  How do I register on the Arkansas Agricultural Consultants Web page?
A:  After receiving your license, you may register on the Arkansas Agricultural Consultants web page.  The web page will allow you to log and track your CEUs.  Instructions to register on the web page can be found in the links above.