Natural Resources

Efficiently and responsibly managing and protecting our water and land resources for the sustainability, health, safety, and economic benefit of the State of Arkansas

About Us

Arkansas Department of Agriculture’s Natural Resources Division

The Natural Resources Division administers rules promulgated by the Arkansas Natural Resources Commission (Commission). The Commission is composed of nine members who serve five-year terms and are appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the Senate. Act 691 of the 2023 legislative session abolished the Water Well Construction Commission and transferred its authority to the Commission. The Commission membership was revised to ensure at least two of the nine members are licensed water well contractors. Act 691 also abolished the Board of Registration for Professional Soil Classifiers and the Red River Commission, transferring their duties to the Commission. Find a list of Commissioners here.

The Division is the lead agency for conserving Arkansas’s land and water resources. The Division accomplishes its responsibilities by administering rules and programs focused on the sustainable conservation, development, and management of Arkansas’s natural resources. The Nonpoint Source Management Plan, Nutrient Reduction Strategy, Priority Project Lists, and the Arkansas Water Plan guide the Natural Resources Division. The Division is composed of three sections: (1) Conservation; (2) Water Resources Development, and (3) Water Resources Management.