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Beaver Control Program

Introductory note:

The "Beaver Eradication Program" created under Act 630 of 1993 and coordinated by the Department of Finance and Administration and county governments is now the "Conservation District Beaver Control Program" administered by the Arkansas Natural Resources Commission through Arkansas's conservation districts.

Description of program:

Act 1358 of 1997 appropriated $150,000 per year for two years to enable the Arkansas Natural Resources Commission to help control Arkansas' beaver population. Conservation districts are reimbursed ten dollars per beaver for payments they make to certified beaver harvesters. Reimbursements will be for beaver only, though district plans may offer incentives for the control of other nuisance animals. Note: Once the appropriation is spent, reimbursements will stop.

District participation:

To receive money through the Conservation District Beaver Control Program, conservation districts must submit a district beaver control plan to the Commission by September 1, 1997, which complies with Subtitle XX, of Title II of the Commission's rules.

Before harvesting may begin, the Commission must approve the district's plan which:

  • designates a beaver control officer
  • provides that tails be notched when brought in to the beaver control officer
  • sets up a schedule for the beaver control officer to submit reports of payments to harvesters to the district board and for board application to the Commission for reimbursements
  • approximates the number of beavers to be harvested within the fiscal year

The Commission will allocate available money to districts according to their projected harvest, past participation, and other factors to ensure fairness. The district plan must be submitted to the Commission and approved before any harvesting may begin.

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