Natural Resources

Efficiently and responsibly managing and protecting our water and land resources for the sustainability, health, safety, and economic benefit of the State of Arkansas

Current Rules

  1. Rules Implementing Oversight of Retail Water Providers
  2. The Unpaved Roads Program Rule
  3. Rules of Organization and Operation (Title 1)
  4. Rules for Governing Conservation Districts (Title 2)
  5. Rules for the Utilization of Surface Water (Title 3)
  6. Rules for the Protection and Management of Ground Water (Title 4)
  7. Rules for Financial Assistance (Title 5)
  8. Rules for Water Development Project Compliance with the Arkansas Water Plan (Title 6)
  9. Rules Governing Design and Operation of Dams (Title 7)
  10. Title 8--repealed in accordance with Act 781 of 2017
  11. Title 9--repealed in accordance wtih Act 781 of 2017
  12. Rules Governing the Arkansas Water Resource Agricultural Cost-Share Program (Title 10)
  13. Title 11--repealed in accordance wtih Act 781 of 2017
  14. Title 12--repealed in accordance wtih Act 781 of 2017
  15. Rules Governing the Tax Credit Program for the Creation and Restoration of Private Wetland and Riparian Zones (Title 13)
  16. Rules Implementing the Water Resources Conservation and Development Incentive Act (Title 14)
  17. Rules Governing Loans from the Safe Drinking Water Fund (Title 15)
  18. Rules Governing the Arkansas Clean Water Revolving Loan Fund Program (Title 16)
  19. Rules Governing Water Authorities (Title 17)
  20. Rules Governing the Floodplain Administrator Accreditation Program (Title 18)
  21. Poultry Feeding Operation Registration Program (Title 19)
  22. Nutrient Management Planner Certification Program (Title 20)
  23. Nutrient Management Applicator Certification Program (Title 21)
  24. Nutrient and Poultry Litter Application and Management Program (Title 22 )
  25. Rules Governing Water and Wastewater Project Funding through the Arkansas Community and Economic Development Program (Title 23)
  26. The Arkansas Water Plan (Title 24)
  27. Water Well Construction Rules