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Arkansas Ground Water Monitoring Program

The goal of the Arkansas Ground Water Monitoring program is to prevent the state's ground water from being polluted by agricultural chemicals and, if pollution is found, to respond appropriately. This goal provides for the protection of the public health and welfare, the propagation and protection of terrestrial and aquatic life, the protection of the environment, the operation of existing industries and agriculture, and the maintenance and enhancement of the long-term economic health of the state. The agency recognizes that preserving ground-water quality is far less costly and more ecologically sound than restoring ground water to its natural state, a process that may not be technically or economically viable.

The agency monitors ground water in areas that may be considered vulnerable to agricultural pesticide contamination based on area use patterns and the concentration of agricultural production land in the vicinity. The agency has been monitoring ground water since 2004 using an EPA approved Pesticide Management Plan which allows the agency to work with the Arkansas Department of Health to determine actions to be taken in the event pesticide contamination is confirmed.

The Ground Water Program is a voluntary program that offers quality lab testing of ground water samples from agricultural wells to help ensure that producers and applicators are safely using pesticides in accordance with label directions to protect and preserve ground water. Find a collection sites map for samples taken in Arkansas.

The Ground Water Monitoring program targets both point source and non point source contamination by investigating possible causes of contamination when a pesticide is detected in a ground water sample. The best way to avoid ground water contamination is to implement best management practices for pesticide use.Find a collection sites map for samples taken in Arkansas.. This does not guarantee that contamination will not occur, but taking these steps is a preventative method to protect the ground water resources of Arkansas.