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Ginseng Program

Arkansas is one of 18 states that has and maintains an approved program for the harvest and export of wild ginseng set forth by the U.S. Scientific Authority and Management Authority in Washington, D.C. 

For the 2016 harvest season, certificates were issued on 46 shipments of wild ginseng totaling 387 pounds, which is less than the average annual harvest. The general distribution of ginseng in Arkansas is believed to be stable.

In Arkansas, Ginseng is found only in moist shaded locations in the Ozark and Ouachita Mountains and on Crowley’s Ridge. This plant is very sensitive to seasonal conditions such as rain and temperature. During dry years, it often goes dormant before the harvest season begins. Also, wild digging is often influenced by the market demand in China, Hong Kong, and South Korea, as well as the local economy. The harvest was much more intensive in Johnson, Madison, Newton, and Searcy Counties where ginseng is known to be most abundant. There is also one Ginseng Nursery that is licensed to sell ginseng plants and ginseng seeds.

Pounds of Ginseng Collected by County