Natural Resources

Efficiently and responsibly managing and protecting our water and land resources for the sustainability, health, safety, and economic benefit of the State of Arkansas

Groundwater Protection and Management Program

Mission Statement

To manage and protect the groundwater resources in Arkansas for human, environmental and economic benefit.

Program Summary

The Arkansas Natural Resources Commission is the State's water resources planning and management agency. The Commission is responsible for state-level planning, management, and protection of our groundwater resources. This is accomplished through monitoring aquifer water levels and water quality, implementing best management practices (BMPs), conservation, enforcing the proper construction of water wells, and education. The Commission works closely with other state and federal agencies to monitor a dynamic water well network of approximately 1000 sites for water level and water-quality information. The NRD's Groundwater Management and Protection Programs are summarized below.

  • Pursuant to the Arkansas Groundwater Protection and Management Act of 1991, the NRD produces an annual groundwater report on the condition of the State's groundwater resources. This report summarizes the monitoring well network data and provides a yearly update on the tax credit and water use registration programs. The data collected for this report is used to influence policy and program recommendations, such as Critical Groundwater Area designation.
  • Water Well Construction licensing, permitting, and enforcement
  • Water Well Construction Report Database
  • Groundwater Conservation Tax Credit Program
  • Water Use Registration Program
  • Provide technical assistance on water well construction report database inquiries, water well policy questions, and general geology, hydrogeology, and water supply availability questions

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Groundwater Story Map

A companion piece to the Groundwater Report was introduced this year, the Groundwater Story Map. The Story map is a digital presentation of the Arkansas Natural Resources Division’s Groundwater Protection and Management Report for 2023. The report’s findings are exhibited through interactive maps with layers of site-specific groundwater levels. Users can click on points throughout the story map to gain further information about the current state of groundwater in Arkansas.

Click here to view the Groundwater Story Map

Groundwater Reports

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