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Bulk Transfers

Use of Bulk Transfers in Certification


 Bulk Transfer forms are used in the certification process to transfer ownership of seed in the certification program from one certified grower / dealer to another. The original intent was for unconditioned seed to be transferred, although this process can be used on cleaned seed. The certified grower / dealer who receives the seed is responsible for completing the certification process on the seed. This includes having an inspector send in a sample for complete analysis.



  1. The Bulk Transfer document (form 24) must accompany the shipment of seed.
  2. The seller completes the top portion of the form. This lists the name & address of the original producer, the seller (if different) and the buyer, as well as a description of the kind, variety, grade applied for, lot #, number of bushels in the shipment and date.
  3. The seller makes a copy of the document and immediately sends to the Seed Certification Office.


  1. The buyer completes the lower portion of the form that came with the shipment. This lists the date the shipment is received, the number of bushels, the transfer of authority for issuance of certification labels, and the buyer’s signature/date.
  2. The buyer immediately sends the completed form to the Seed Certification Office.
  3. The buyer is responsible for completion of certification which includes a complete analysis and bagging/tagging in compliance with certification regulations.
  4. If the buyer decides not to complete the certification process and sells the seed as non-certified (if eligible), then he is responsible for complying with regulations regarding an AR Seed Dealer’s license and payment of tonnage fees, as well as all labeling requirements. 


Form 24 (Intrastate-within AR-) Bulk Seed Transfer

Form 24 A (Interstate-between states-) Bulk Seed Transfer

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