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Obtaining Seed Treater’s License


All seed treating plants in Arkansas must have a valid license from the Arkansas Department of Agriculture. The seed treating plant license is valid from July 1 - June 30 and is renewed each year renewal applications are due each year by July 1). The license application must be completed and submitted with the list of crop kinds and seed treatments to be used on each crop. The amount of product used per bushel or per hundredweight must also be stated. If other treatment chemicals are added during the year, this needs to be communicated to the Seed Section office before being used/applied. The license application is available on the bottom of this page.

Seed Treater’s Restricted-Use Pesticide License:

If restricted-use treatments (such as Aeris, Avicta, or other restricted use insecticides/pesticides) are listed on the Seed Treating Plant License Application, the operator of this Seed Treating Plant will need to qualify for a separate Seed Treater’s Restricted-Use Pesticide License. Obtaining this license requires completing an application no less than five (5) business days prior to the day of the exam, and passing two tests:

  • the basic exam (based on the EPA manual "Applying Pesticides Correctly") and
  • an exam on applying restricted-use seed treatments. After passing these two tests, the “Seed Treater’s Restricted-Use Pesticide License”, under the Seed Treatment Category for application of restricted-use pesticides, will be issued.

You MUST send us a notice that you intend to take these two exams, at least a week or more ahead of the testing date, that gives us enough time to create your tests and schedule you in the testing room.  E-mail, or call (501) 225-1598 and ask to speak with someone in the Seed Section to schedule a test.

Note: A Seed Treater Restricted Use Pesticide License is valid from January 1 - December 31 and can be renewed for two additional years. However, after three years, the operator must take a recertification class to renew the license.


UAEX UADA First-Timer Commercial/Non-Commercial Pesticide Certification Training

Restricted Use Pesticide License EPA study guide:

First-Time Seed Treater License Exam Application & Schedule for Year 2022:

(You must complete and return the document “Commercial Seed Treatment Applicator Sign-Up Form – REQUIRED.pdf” at least 5 working days prior to the test date.  Both tests mentioned above are given ONLY on days with Class 1, 2 & 3, as shown in the following links, with the basic core exam first, then the seed treatment exam immediately afterward.)

2022 Exam Dates

Re-Certifying Your Current Restricted Use Pesticide Seed Treater License after three (3) years:

UAEX UADA 2022 Commercial/Non-Commercial Applicator Training Course

For more information on labeling Treated Seed, see Regulations on the Sale of Planting Seed (Circular 10), Sections 2i and 2j:

If you have any questions, please contact Meredith Martinez in the Seed Section at (501) 225-1598.

Seed Treater Facility License Application
Commercial Seed Treatment Applicator Sign-Up Form – REQUIRED

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