Plant Industries

Serving the citizens of Arkansas and the agricultural and business communities by providing information and unbiased enforcement of laws and regulations set by the Arkansas State Plant Board

Application Fees for Licenses

Product Registration Fee$250 per product
Abandoned Pesticide Disposal Fee$50 per product if applicable
Dealers License Fee$65
Pesticide Applicators
Commercial Firms
Firm's Commercial License Fee$100
Commercial Equipment Decal Fee$20 per equipment
Custom Applicator's Permit Fee$150
Custom/Tree Injector Operator-In-Charge (OIC) Fee$50 per OIC
Custom Equipment Decal Fee$50 per equipment
Custom Equipment Inspection Fee$25 per equipment
Tree Injector Custom-Applicator's Permit Fee $70
Individual Applicators
Individual Certified Applicator License Fee (Commercial or Non-Commercial)$35 per category
Commercial Pilot Authorization Fee$35
Custom Pilot Authorization Fee$35
Commercial Applicator Technician License Fee$25
Private Applicators
Private Applicator 1 Year License Fee$10
Private Applicator 5 Year License Fee$45
2,4-D Hardship Permit Fee$100
Dicamba Permit Fee$100