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Pesticide Applicator Licensing, Dealer Licensing and Permits

In Arkansas, the testing and licensing of pesticide applicators is the responsibility of the Arkansas Department of Agriculture, Plant Industries Division, Pesticide Section.

The required safety training, also known as Certification or Recertification, is provided by the Cooperative Extension Service, University of Arkansas.

These are the basic types of pesticide applicators:

Private Applicator: applicators who use restricted use pesticides to produce agricultural commodities on property owned or rented by them or their employer. This does not include the home gardener. Restricted use pesticides are not labeled for use on home gardens. To be eligible for a Private Applicator License one must be a producer of an agricultural commodity.

Commercial Applicator (Firm and Individual): applicators who apply pesticides for hire for any purpose or on property other than that specified for defining private applicators. This includes aerial and ground applicators.

Commercial Applicator Technician: applicators who use restricted use pesticides under the direct supervision of a certified and licensed Commercial Applicator.

Non-Commercial Applicator: applicators who use restricted use pesticides for their employer and not for hire basis. They do not qualify as a Private Applicator nor require a Commercial Applicators License. Examples: city employees, researchers, Extension Agents, chemical company representative, etc.

Restricted Use Pesticide Dealer License: any person who sells, offers for sale, or distributes any Restricted Use (including Classification E, F, or H) pesticide, must obtain a Restricted Use Pesticide Dealer’s License within the State of Arkansas.

Bulk Dealer Permit: a pesticide dealer who distribute or repackage pesticides from a single bulk container into numerous smaller containers.

2,4-D Hardship Permit: required to use Class F products (all 2,4-D and 2,4-D containing products) between April 16th and September 15th of each year in Clay, Greene, Craighead, Poinsett, Cross, Crittenden, St. Francis, Lee, Phillips, and Mississippi Counties.

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