Protecting Arkansas’s forests, and those who enjoy them, from wildland fire and natural hazards while promoting rural and urban forest health, stewardship, development, and conservation for all generations of Arkansans

Landowner Assistance

The Forestry Division offers landowners a variety of technical assistance in forest management. Technical assistance is free of charge upon request. Contact the nearest Forestry Division office for assistance.

Technical Assistance Includes:

  • Land examinations based on the landowner's objective of the property. 
  • Written forest management plans. Each plan is a guide to help landowners make decisions based on soils, condition of the forest, and landowner objectives. 
  • Providing a sample sales contract and a list of potential markets for landowners that want to sell timber. Forestry Division foresters also provide information about what to consider when selling timber. 
  • Working with landowners to identify and control forest insects and diseases. 
  • Providing information about the availability of cost-share programs that will provide 50 percent or more of the cost to do tree planting, site preparation, and timber stand improvement. The forester will also advise landowners about program applicability, benefits, and qualifying requirements. 
  • Maintaining current timber tax and tax incentive information for landowners. 
  • Providing information and site recommendations for protection, restoration, and improvement of Arkansas’s water and wetland resources. 
  • Providing landowners with a list of forestry consultants and forestry vendor services. 

Landowner Assistance For a Fee

Fire Lane Construction

Fire lanes protect the forest from wildfire and may provide access for fire suppression vehicles if a fire should occur. Fire lanes will be constructed with Forestry Division equipment according to specifications provided in a written forest management plan.

Fee: Custom Fire Lane Construction$85.00 per hour 

  Prescribed Burning

Prescribing fire reduces the potential of a wildfire, improve wildlife habitat, and prepare a site tree planting or for natural forest regeneration.

Fee: Prescribed Burning$50.00 per acre - $575.00 minimum


Arkansas Voluntary Smoke Management Guidelines (2.36 MB)
Technical Services Guidelines (2MB)