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Applications for Hemp Licensing

Applications for growing or processing/handling industrial hemp in Arkansas can be found on this webpage.  Please review all Department Hemp Program webpages prior to applying for a Hemp License with the Program, including the 2022 Program Orientation PowerPoint and the Program Rules.  E-mail questions to


The Department is not in the position to offer direct consultation on completing a license application or to educate individuals about the production of industrial hemp.

Application Deadlines for the 2022 Season:

NEW Field Grower Application Deadline: April 29th, 2022
NEW Indoor Grower Application Deadline: Accepted All Year
NEW Processor/Handler Application Deadline: Accepted All Year

RENEWING Grower Application Deadline: April 1st, 2022
RENEWING Processor/Handler Application Deadline: April 1st, 2022





All Hemp Program payments must be post-mailed to the Department.  The Hemp Program is unable to accept online payments at this time.

There is a nonrefundable $50 application fee required for each application submitted to the Department for a Hemp License.  Applications can be electronically submitted via e-mail to the Program at, but the $50 application fee must be post-mailed to the Department with the first page of your application attached to the payment.

Failure to include proper paperwork with the $50 application fee may result in processing delays.

Post-mail Hemp Program Payments to:
ATTN: Hemp Program
Arkansas Department of Agriculture
1 Natural Resources Drive
Little Rock, AR 72205

If your application is approved for licensure, there are additional program fees associated with the Program.

If approved for a license with the Program, you will be issued a “Licensing Invoice” via e-mail communications.

Grower Applicants need to take into consideration:

  1. How many different hemp varieties they plan on planting for the season; and
  2. How many different Location ID sites where hemp will be grown and harvested.

These factors are extremely important during crop harvest time, due to each “lot” compliance sample pulled by the Department prior to harvesting being $100/each.

For more information, refer to the Program’s 2022 Sampling, Testing, Remediation and Disposal Guidelines Document, located on the “License Holders – Forms & Deadlines” webpage.


The Hemp Program heavily relies on e-mail communication use with approved Hemp Program License Holders.  There are many required forms associated with the Program, and e-mail use ensure the timely receipt of all time-sensitive reporting and request forms. 

If this may be an issue for you, this should be taken into consideration before applying for a license with the Hemp Program.


Applying for a license with the Hemp Program requires an annual criminal history background check from the Arkansas State Police (ASP).  All license signing authorities are required to submit a criminal history background check annually.  If the license is for a company or business entity, all company ‘key participants’ with a vested interest in the company must also file and complete a criminal history background check from ASP. 


The following link will take you to the ASP Criminal History Background Check System:


Follow instructions on this webpage for “Submitting a Manual Record Check Request in Person or through the Mail.”


Fill out and submit the ASP-122 form:

Follow all ASP instructions and directions on this form.  This form requires a notarized signature from the person requesting the background check.


Release the criminal history background check results to the Arkansas Department of Agriculture, ATTN Hemp Program, 1 Natural Resources Drive, Little Rock, AR 72205.  This is done under the “APPLICANT RECORD NOTICE” section on page 2 of the ASP-122 Form.


Submit your criminal history background check request to the Arkansas State Police with required $25 check or money order.  ASP will release results directly to the Department.

NOTE:  The entire criminal history background check process can take up to two to three weeks before the Department receives final results.  Background checks must be received not more than fourteen (14) days following the date the application was received by the Department.  The Department will not accept a background check report that occurred more than sixty (60) days prior to submission of the application. 


All requested growing “Location IDs” must have a legal land description provided within the application. This information is usually provided within a land’s title or deed legal documentation.  If the land or property is leased, you may have to ask the land or property owner for this detailed information.

A Legal Land Description includes the following information:

  1. Township
  2. Range
  3. Section


All applicants are required to provide the Department with a photographic aerial map of all requested growing, handling, processing, and storage locations where hemp material may be present.  Improper or mislabeled aerial Location ID maps will result in denial of a submitted application. 

For detailed aerial ‘Location ID’ map making help, please refer to the “2022 Applications Instructions Packet” posted above. 


  • Program Licenses run on the financial “Fiscal Year,” which is from July 1st to June 30th annually.  All Program licenses expire on June 30th!
  • Make sure you read the 2022 Hemp Program Orientation PowerPoint posted above!
  • Grower applicants are required to register a Storage Location ID.
  • Annual criminal history background checks from Arkansas State Police (ASP) are required for all applicants and all company key participants within a business entity.  A key participant is any person who has direct or indirect financial interest in the business/company entity producing hemp, such as an owner, investor, or partner in a partnership.
  • Any site/location changes after a license is approved by the Department must be documented using the Program’s Site Modification Request Form.  Any changes to sites/locations after an application is approved will require site modification fee charges. 
  • The Department highly encourages applicants to make sure they have their final plans in place before submitting an application as to avoid site modification fee charges.
  • The Department Hemp Program Staff will not be able to assist applicants through the application process.  This includes assistance with making aerial “Location ID” maps.  For complete instructions and an example aerial Location ID map, please review the 2022 Application Instructions Packet.
  • Make sure you are especially familiar with Program Rules, Section 3: LAND USE RESTRICTIONS before requesting Location IDs within an application.
  • The status of a submitted application will be communicated back to the applicant as soon as reasonably practicable via e-mail communications.
  • Please keep in mind that the Department has up to 60-days to review all Hemp Program Applications submitted.  Application review may be suspended for a period of time depending on Hemp Program Staff workload.

Reviewed all Hemp Program webpages and still have a question for the Program?

E-mail your hemp-related question(s) to