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Welcome to the Arkansas Department of Agriculture's (Department) Hemp Licensing Program. The 2020 program calendar year is the final year of the research pilot program, which means Arkansas will continue to operate under 2014 Farm Bill guidelines.

*Applications can be found here: Industrial Hemp Applications*

The Department is accepting grower applications until May 1st, 2020 for the 2020 grow season.

The Department is accepting processor/handler applications through the end of the 2020 calendar year.

Grower applications submitted after the May 1st, 2020 deadline will not be considered for the 2020 grow season.

Anyone interested in potentially growing, processing, or handling hemp in Arkansas should view the Program Rules, as well as the Arkansas Industrial Hemp Act, which can be found here: Hemp Law & Rules Page.

It is also recommended to read through all the program forms prior to applying for a license. The program forms can be found here: License Holder Forms & Deadlines.

Full details for the Arkansas Department of Agriculture's Hemp Licensing Program, including applications and program rules, can be found on this website. All information about the Hemp Licensing Program is organized under different “program pages” as listed below.

Industrial Hemp Research Pilot Program Overview - Hemp Program Overview

Provides a general overview of the Arkansas Department of Agriculture Hemp Program, including a list of current License Holders, Licensed AR Hemp Seed Dealer information, 2019 program year statistics, and Frequently Asked Questions.

Hemp Program Rules & the Law - Hemp Law & Rules

Here you will find all the hemp related Laws and Rules/Regulations, including the “Arkansas Industrial Hemp Research Program Rules & AR Hemp Act, which was originally approved and issued by the Arkansas State Plant Board in August 2018. This current rule reflects the approved & implemented proposed rule change from May 2019, and is effective as of May 30, 2020.

Applications for the Hemp Program - Industrial Hemp Applications

Interested in joining the program? Visit this page for the Grower and Processor/Handler License Applications. Both applications are available in Adobe PDF format.

License Holders – Forms & Deadlines - License Holder Forms & Deadlines

License Holders will now be submitting all reports and requests via email or post mail. This page contains all program forms available in “fillable” Adobe PDF format, as well as a convenient list of deadlines. There will also be a general program “orientation” PowerPoint posted very soon to assist license holders through program forms and rules.

Restrictions on Sale or Transfer - Restrictions on Sale or Transfer

Planning to move hemp materials? This is your one-stop page for the hemp transfer rules governing the Arkansas Hemp Program.

Hemp Resources & Additional Links - Additional Hemp Resources & Links

This page contains helpful links and resources pertaining to the industrial hemp industry in general.

If you have visited all of Department’s hemp pages and still have questions about the program, please send inquiries to

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