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Industrial Hemp Research Pilot Program Overview


The Arkansas Department of Agriculture (Department) is conducting a Hemp Licensing Program as authorized by state and federal laws. No person shall grow, handle, broker, or process hemp in Arkansas without a license issued by the Department. The Department Hemp Research Program will continue to operate under federal 2014 Farm Bill guidelines for the 2020 grow season.

The Department Hemp Research Program licenses growers and processor/handlers to conduct research operations in order to assess the agricultural and economic potential of industrial hemp production in Arkansas. Since the research program is in the beginning stages, there is still much to learn and investigate around this new agricultural endeavor. Please be mindful that there are many uncertainties associated with the research program, including financial loss. Currently, the Department is unable to offer any financial assistance to program participants. The hemp marketplace is still in its infancy. Supply chains are still developing, hemp varieties are unpredictable, and many regulatory issues remain unresolved at the federal level. The Department asks growers to really consider the financial risk before entering the industry. “Don’t plant more than you can afford to lose!”

Hemp requires an Arkansas Department of Agriculture License to Grow, Handle, Process, or Market

Individuals and businesses who would like to be considered for a license to grow, handle, process, or market hemp must submit the appropriate license application to the Department Hemp Program. For more information on applications, please visit Industrial Hemp Applications.


The Department has made available two complete lists of Hemp License Holders. One list is for licensed growers, and the other is for licensed processor/handlers. These lists can be found on the right-hand side of this page, under “Current License Lists.” Lists are updated on a weekly basis, so be patient with us as we continue to update these lists for your convenience.

For a list of licensed AR Seed Dealer’s, please visit Arkansas Department of Agriculture Seed Licensing.


In order to distribute seed (including hemp seed) into or within the State of Arkansas, an individual or company must be licensed to do so. For more information about the AR Seed Dealer/Labeler License, please contact the Department Seed Section or visit Department Seed Licensing. Please keep in mind that if you are wishing to distribute hemp seed you must also be licensed to grow industrial hemp through your state’s department of agriculture.


2019 Hemp Research Stats are located in link at the bottom of this page. (THESE NUMBERS ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE)


The program is currently working on this guidance document, we greatly appreciate your patience.

If you still have questions surrounding the Department Hemp Research Program, please send inquiries to

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